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Inteligencia Artificial Optimización de procesos

Complex processes optimization

In some cases, plant operations can be intricate, and it's not always clear which actions should be taken to improve productivity, energy efficiency, or prevent errors and hazardous situations.

How does the complex processes optimization work?

A real-time artificial intelligence model analyzes the plant's status and recommends the best course of action based on what it has learned from similar situations in the past.

The model collaborates with operators, reducing human errors and progressively and systematically automating responses to problems.

This type of solution is ideal for processes that, due to their complexity and variability, have traditionally been exclusively controlled by humans.

Computer vision

There's nothing like the human eye for detecting defects... except for a camera and artificial intelligence!

How does Computer vision work?

A camera (or several) strategically placed, analyze the production to detect the slightest defect. Assembly or material issues. Forget about random inspections... the model will detect every possible alteration immediately and with traceability.

Computer vision can also be used for process control, ensuring that everything unfolds as expected thanks to new advances that allow us to detect even the more difficult-to-observe aspects such as slight changes in color, brightness, or transparency.

Visión artificial para el control de calidad. Computer Vision
Detección de anomalías

Virtual Sensors

Many quality issues are detected in the laboratory, hours after they have occurred. What if you could have data from those tests in real-time?

What are virtual sensors?

Virtual sensors are predictive models that use data from multiple sensors to estimate a value that could only be obtained through a test.

The values from virtual sensors provide visual information that allows for immediate reaction when a problem occurs, as we see in real-time what is happening. These data can also be used to feed systems such as complex process optimization.

Production Optimization

Sometimes, production is not entirely efficient because it is carried out based on suboptimal criteria, leading to unnecessary waiting combined with work accumulation.

How can production be optimized?

With intelligent sequencing. This intelligent sequencing uses precise demand estimates and historical data analysis to be more efficient, improve work shifts, purchasing, and surplus management.

AI can make very accurate demand predictions, integrating a large number of different factors and thus achieving very faithful estimates. In addition, it is capable of simulating various sequencing scenarios to choose the most optimal one.

predictivo Inteligencia Artificia

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David AsuarIT Manager at Atalaya Mining
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"They are undoubtedly a great technological partner. We work with them on tailor-made horizontal developments for our operations and on R&D projects with highly qualified professionals who are also great to work with."

Are you wasting the majority of your data's potential?

  • You’re wasting a significant portion of your data’s potential​.
  • The data flows through your SCADA system and then vanishes. You’re throwing away value.
  • Are you using it for visualization? Great! But that’s just the first step.

You're wasting a significant portion of your data's potential.

The data flows through your SCADA system and then vanishes. You're throwing away value.

Are you using it for visualization? Great! But that's just the first step.

Your operations are too unique for a generic Artificial Intelligence solution.

  • Specific processes require customized AI solutions.
  • AI doesn’t play well with generic approaches. It might work partially, but never at its full potential.

Specific processes require customized AI solutions.

AI doesn't play well with generic approaches. It might work partially, but never at its full potential.

It's very challenging to carry out artificial intelligence projects solely with your team.

  • Many high-potential projects end up being abandoned.
  • It is usual to get erroneous conclusions due to the lack of a specialized team.

Many high-potential projects end up being abandoned.

It is usual to get erroneous conclusions due to the lack of a specialized team.

Are you reacting to problems instead of anticipating them?

  • The longer the reaction time, the higher the cost.​
  • If the error is discovered too late, the cost may not only be financial but also reputational.

The longer the reaction time, the higher the cost.

If the error is discovered too late, the cost may not only be financial but also reputational.

Inteligencia Artificial IA5 Costo proyecto Industria 4.0

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We have made a difference in several industrial businesses with artificial intelligence.

So, what are you waiting for?


TADIA is an Industrial Artificial Intelligence company. We provide 100% customized solutions that solve real-world problems, and we do so through tangible projects.

Because we are highly specialized, meaning we know what we’re doing. We have extensive experience, which, combined with our highly optimized process, allows us to execute complex Artificial Intelligence projects within very tight timelines.

Because it’s the right time. Until now, AI couldn’t be considered a mature technology, but in a few years, it might be too late for several reasons:

  • The adoption of AI is happening rapidly, and only those who embrace it early will gain a competitive advantage.
  • If you already have data, it might be possible to leverage it… or perhaps some minor adjustments need to be made. This could require a few months of preparation before initiating any AI project.
  • There is currently a favorable climate of support for innovative AI and sustainability projects.
  • And, of course, the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

It will depend on the specific project we undertake. As our projects are tailor-made and customized, no two clients are the same.

Generally, we always strive to ensure that Artificial Intelligence serves to:

  • Optimize costs / increase profits
  • Become more sustainable
  • Improve worker safety

We have a proven process that helps us successfully carry out projects while also providing assurance to our clients. It consists of the following steps:

  • Data Audit: Our team will meet with your different teams to understand the problem, systems, and data acquisition. Once we gather this information, we will analyze it and present the potential impact that AI can have on your systems. If everyone agrees, we proceed to the next step: the proof of concept.
  • Proof of concept: We will execute a project that tests the feasibility of the proposed solution. It will be something tangible that you can interact with. It will address a small part of the problem and give you an idea of what the final project will be like.
  • Minimum Viable Product: You will receive a functional solution with which we will begin a trial period for all teams to familiarize themselves with it. We will design this phase to be progressive and build trust. By the end, the solution should be performing its intended functions.
  • Final Integration: Once the trial phase is complete, we will integrate the minimum viable product with all systems.
  • Training: If you are interested in having your own teams manage and maintain the solution, we will provide training to enable them to do so effectively.
  • Maintenance: On the other hand, if you prefer us to manage and maintain the solution, we will be there to provide support.

Through optimization. It is the best use we make of AI, and it allows us to save energy and material resources.

In terms of energy, we optimize production to ensure it remains efficient while using the least amount of energy possible. In terms of materials, we can help detect problems at very early stages, allowing actions to be taken before significant losses occur.

AI can also contribute to ensuring safety by continuously monitoring, 24/7, whether everything is being carried out under the necessary conditions to guarantee safety.

Absolutely. If you have a team, we provide comprehensive training and knowledge transfer so that they can continue the project. We don’t want you to be dependent on us, so we prepare everything to minimize the lock-in effect.

Yes, we integrate with major IoT vendors as well as SCADA systems. However, we have no problem integrating with any client system, no matter how specific it may be.

There are no full project commitments. If at any phase of the project you are not satisfied with the results, the project can be terminated, regardless of the stage it is in, and at no additional cost.